Candle Care

  • Candle Care 106 - How To Grow Your Wildflower label

    Selfmade Candle

    Glows then Grows!Hey Squad,You're likely here as you've bought a candle that's been glowing and you're now ready for the Grow part of your candle's journey. Welcome!It's super simple, follow these steps to grow a range of flowers from Sweet Alyssum, Poppy, Baby’s Breath & Basil. Let's get to ...
  • Candle Care 105 - How To Get Candle Wax Out Of A Jar

    Ricki Lawal

      So you've come to the end of life for your Selfmade Candle. Hope you enjoyed the scent experience. If you'd like to get the remaining 1/2 inch candle wax out of the jar, here are 3 ways you can do it. Freeze it, Crack it, Tap it Melt it, Pour it, Wipe it Dissolve it, Cool it, Tap it F...
  • Candle Care 104 - My candle has a hole in it, is this normal?

    Selfmade Candle

    Sink holes are the effect on the surface of candles where they appear to have holes in the wax. This isn't just normal, it's natural. The best thing about Soy Wax is its versatility and authentic rustic look. Like most of us, soy wax comes in all shapes and sizes and produces unique looking candl...