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Candle Care 106 - How To Grow Your Wildflower label

Candle Care 106 - How To Grow Your Wildflower label

Glows then Grows!

Hey Squad,

You're likely here as you've bought a candle that's been glowing and you're now ready for the Grow part of your candle's journey. Welcome!

It's super simple, follow these steps to grow a range of flowers from Sweet Alyssum, Poppy, Baby’s Breath & Basil.

Let's get to it

Step 1: Peel the seeded label off your jar

Step 2: Clean the remaining wax from your jar

Step 3: Put your seed pellets inside the jar and cover with water to expand

Step 4: Drain any excess water

Step 5: Peel the wrappers off the seed pellet and pour soil into the jar

Step 6: Tear the label into small pieces and dampen with water

Step 7: Place the pieces of paper into the soil

Step 8: Keep paper and soil moist in a warm environment

Step 9: Grow, grow grow