• A conscious consumer guide to an eco friendly home

    Andria Chrysostomou

    Living in an eco friendly home is important to conscious consumers. Sustainable home decor is of growing importance as the world shifts to a greener way of living. Quite often, when we think of being a responsible consumer the first thing that comes to mind is either food or clothing. Lately, th...
  • 6 Small but mighty steps towards a plastic free life

    Ricki Lawal

    It’s plastic free July and like a lot of people, reducing the amount of plastic in my life has resurfaced in my consciousness. The plastic free movement’s july campaign really places an emphasis on thinking about the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis. These last few years I’ve been using ...
  • 4 Easy Ways To Practice Self Care

    Seerat Singh

    Self care is a popular concept in the wellness industry gaining more importance every day and for good reason. What is self care? Self care is the individual practice of health management. It’s basically everything you deliberately do to ensure you stay happier. Self care benefits your mental, p...