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Your Guide To Zero Waste Candles

Your Guide To Zero Waste Candles

Say No to waste and hello to reusing and recycling. Natural Candles are the most likely to be zero waste.  Natural candles are made from organic materials like soy, coconut, rapeseed or beeswax. Zero waste candles also come in reusable containers. Whether it’s for your make up brush or a new home...
5 sustainable steps for an eco friendly christmas - selfmade candle

5 Sustainable Steps you can take for an eco friendly Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when a lot of us want to splurge and send gifts to one another but how do we make it more sustainable? Gifting my friends and family is always a huge joy for me, and being able to do so in a way that’s both good for them and good for the planet is important to me. As...
Chai Candle - Ultimate Guide - Selfmade Candle

Ultimate Chai Candle | A Guide

When it gets to Autumn, Chai, Pumpkin and Ginger are my go to scents. Nothing beats a trip to my local coffee spot to ask the Barista to whip up something warm and soothing. I practically have an alarm set up for when Starbucks / Pret bring back their Pumpkin Spice syrup. Ready, set, go. If you’...
The Benefits of Sage Scented Candles - Selfmade Candle Sage Soy Wax Candle Collection

The Benefits of Sage Scented Candles

“Sage Scent Description - Peppery, fresh and slightly minty” The sage herb has been most popularly used in the world of medicine for centuries. Burning sage has also been one of the oldest methods to cleanse spaces, objects and even people. The refreshing scent of the sage essential oil, however,...
Cosy Candles for Cosy Nights In

Cosy Candles for Cosy Nights In

  As the weather starts to cool and rain starts to pour more frequently, I usually turn to my favourite cosy candle scents to warm up and create a cosy vibe in my apartment. I'm sure I'm not the only one! What better way to welcome in the autumn winter season than with a blanket, a hot brew, a ...
5 Things To Do Instead of Trick or Treating

5 Things To Do Instead of Trick or Treating

Not a fan of walking around your local neighbourhood picking up candy? We got you. Here's a small selection of things you can do this season instead of Trick or Treating Halloween, minus the step count 1. DIY FACE PAINT 2. MAKE A SPOOKY COCKTAIL 3. MAKE AN INDOOR SCAVENGER HUNT 4. WATCH A SCAR...