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5 Things To Do Instead of Trick or Treating

5 Things To Do Instead of Trick or Treating

Not a fan of walking around your local neighbourhood picking up candy? We got you. Here's a small selection of things you can do this season instead of Trick or Treating Halloween, minus the step count 1. DIY FACE PAINT 2. MAKE A SPOOKY COCKTAIL 3. MAKE AN INDOOR SCAVENGER HUNT 4. WATCH A SCAR...
Best valentines candles

Your Guide to the best Valentines Candles for Bae

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Are you ready? Give the gift of relaxation with these beautiful handcrafted natural candles. Great for you and great for the planet.  BOUJIE SCENTED CANDLEFor the Bae who will slay all dayThat's right, the queen has arrived and she's here to stay.Bou...
5 sustainable steps for an eco friendly christmas - selfmade candle

5 Sustainable Steps you can take for an eco friendly Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when a lot of us want to splurge and send gifts to one another but how do we make it more sustainable? Gifting my friends and family is always a huge joy for me, and being able to do so in a way that’s both good for them and good for the planet is important to me. As...
candle making kits

Launching Candle Making Kits 

Introducing the Spiced Girls Candle Making Kits  Why Candle Making Kits Makers squad get ready! If you’re a maker at heart, making your own of anything is a joy. Whether that’s sourdough bread or Candles, there’s no better feeling than getting yourself ready to create something new with your own...
Candle Care: How to Prevent and Fix Candle Tunnelling

Candle Care: How to Prevent and Fix Candle Tunnelling

What is Candle Tunnelling? Candle Tunnelling happens when a candle is lit but the melt pool isn’t complete and doesn’t reach the edge of the jar. Instead, the candle burn tunnels down the candle leaving residue wax stuck to the sides of the candle jar.   What causes Candle Tunnelling? There are...
eco-friendly housewarming gifts

Eco-friendly Housewarming Gifts

Moving home is an exciting yet stressful time for many. So how do you find the perfect eco-friendly gift for your loved ones and buy them something that they’ll actually use and enjoy? Sustainability matters now more than ever for us as consumers. It impacts every aspect of our lives from fashion...