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5 Ways to support independent businesses on Black Friday

5 Ways to support independent businesses on Black Friday

Ways to support Independent Brands and Businesses this Black Friday

1. Buy whether they're full price or discounted - All support is good support

Most small businesses can’t afford large discounts because of their margins. But you know what, your custom keeps them going! Say no to Jeff Bezos this Black Friday and say HELLO to your local independent

2. Tell a friend

We see all those WhatsApp groups you’re in! Set yourself a goal to share at least one indy brand this week

3. Shop with purpose

There are lots of indy brands supporting causes! Put your money where your mission is and support those brands that believe in similar things to you

4. Leave a Google Review

If you liked the product / experience, let the world know. TIP: Leave a review with relevant keywords for the brand. This helps google rank their brand with words like Candle Making Kits; Vegan Candles and Soy Candles

5. Follow and engage on socials

Instagram still promotes content based on the level of engagement. Don't just drop a like. If you really like it, drop a cheeky emoji comment. It all helps!