Amber Glass vs Clear Glass for Candle Making

We chose Amber Glass over Clear Glass for candle making and here's why.

- Amber Glass protects it's contents from UV Light

- Amber Glass covers up candle "wet spots" or wax pull away

- Amber Glass can be easily repurposed

- Amber Glass is stunning, simple

When starting Selfmade Candle Co, we wanted to soft launch the business with a few trusted friends / families and with exploratory scents. Whilst we have bigger business dreams of commissioning custom ceramic vessels and scent combinations that would have the best perfumers in Grasse in awe, this wasn't feasible as a step 1. We had to start small.

After copious nights research, we settled on using a vessel roughly 180ml / 6.3 oz in order to deliver the scent experience we wanted to our first buyers. But then came the age old choice: Which glass should I use for candle making? Amber Glass, Clear Glass or fancy coloured glass? We went with amber glass and here's why.

Amber Glass protects it's contents from UV Light

We're going to assume that not everyone lives in a glass greenhouse with light flooding in from all angles. However even those of us who live in central london flats that are north west facing will tell you that light gets in through the nooks and crannies.

When the product you want to put inside your jar is a light sensitive candle, it's best to protect it as much as possible. One of the key benefits and why we chose Amber glass over Clear Glass was it's UV protection qualities. Think of it like a shield from all things too bright. From a dodgy veneers fit, through to the summer sunshine, it's got you covered.

Amber Glass covers up candle "wet spots" or wax pull away

This one is the least well kept secret in the candle world. When using natural wax, it can sometimes stick to the edge of the container. This is sometimes known as wet spots or wax pull away.

Candle wax adhesion is not always a problem, in fact its one of the beautiful nuances we love to see in candles. For those who don't want to see how the (quorn) sausage is made, then Amber Glass is a great cover. It's a lot more difficult to see the candle stuck / unstuck spots through the amber glass.

Amber Glass can be easily repurposed

We believe in the full circle. Anything we create is there to be reused either directly, or through recycling. A key benefit of using Amber Glass in candle making is that the glass can be repurposed into alternative uses. Check out this blog post on the 5 ways to recycle your candle glass for ideas.

Amber Glass is stunning, simple

This benefit needs very little explanation. You've seen our range of Amber Glass housed candles. The aesthetic is very apothecary meets yo pro. We're not saying this is our brands target market but if the candle vessel fits...