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Benefits of Lavender Scented Candles - Selfmade Candle Lavender Soy Wax Candle Collection

Benefits of Lavender Scented Candles

“Lavender Scent Description - A mix of floral and sweet with herbal undertones”

We’re immediately imagining vast lavender fields in France sprawling with purple bunches of peace and happiness!

As one of the most beautiful and versatile herbs, the history of lavender goes back a long way. There are many uses of lavender essential oil and it is increasingly popular in the world of aromatherapy. 

Benefits of Lavender Scented Candles - What are the benefits of Lavender Essential Oils?
What are the benefits of lavender essential oil?
  • Lavender can help reduce anxiety
  • Lavender can reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches
  • Lavender and sleep go hand in hand helping to prevent insomnia
  • Lavender is calming
    So, what are the benefits of lavender scented candles?
    The above benefits make lavender essential oil in candles a fab choice for wellness and self care. But, there are a few more perks worth knowing! Lavender scented candles have aromatherapy properties in addition to their divine smell. A lavender scented candle can lighten up just about any space with it’s beautiful aroma!

    Oh, and another added advantage? Lavender scented candles emit a natural smell that those pesky pests can not stand!

    Lavender in Soy Candles
    One of the best lavender scented candles is those made with aromatherapy essential oils and soy wax. Soy Wax is a naturally derived wax created from soybeans. Both vegan and renewable, it has a clean burn. When diluting your lavender essential oil with a wax based, we’re always choosing soy!

    Vanilla Lavender Candles
    A popular essential oil to mix with Lavender in Candle Making is Vanilla. If you’re going for a cosy vibe at home, filled with aromatherapy scents, this is a must-have. Add the warm, sweet scent of vanilla to your floral fresh scented lavender. A match made in heaven.

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