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Conscious Consumer Guide to an eco friendly home

A conscious consumer guide to an eco friendly home

Living in an eco friendly home is important to conscious consumers. Sustainable home decor is of growing importance as the world shifts to a greener way of living. Quite often, when we think of being a responsible consumer the first thing that comes to mind is either food or clothing. Lately, the spotlight has definitely shone on the controversy of fast fashion but why is no one talking about ethical brands when it comes to decorating our home? 

Why does buying sustainable home decor matter?

While people are shifting towards making more conscious decisions when it comes to what they eat and wear, the question still remains – why do most of us overlook the significance of an eco friendly home? The first step is to acknowledge that the idea behind fast fashion relates to interior design too. The industry follows in the same footsteps with unethical practices that explain brands’ extremely low prices. Magazines and shops set the new trends every season and incentivise switching up home decor more often than usual which is totally unsustainable. 

5 ways you can make your home eco friendly


Thrift your home decor

Thrifting is the best way to live out the “reduce, reuse, recycle” motto while enjoying affordable eco friendly home decor! By choosing to buy second-hand furniture you significantly reduce waste, as the whole production process takes up a lot of energy and water. This is also a really fun activity because you can come across unique vintage items for cheap while contributing to a greener planet. Don’t think twice, just head over to your nearest second-hand shop!

Make your eco friendly home decor sustainable, by doing it yourself. 

You know we’re all about upcycling something you already own with our Glows then Grows concept. When it comes to your home interior you can do the same! This is a perfect way to save money and add a quirky touch to your decor.

DIY ideas for sustainable home decor include:

Save money and the planet by prioritising your home decor purchases.

Take a moment to think about whether you have space for additional items. Are you missing anything? If so, create a list of only what you need in order to avoid visual clutter around the house.

Source eco friendly home decor materials from the UK.

Just like any other purchase, spending money on your home interior is an investment. Next time you're buying something, make sure to look for a “Made in Britain” label as the supply chain is almost guaranteed to be more ethical. How can you know if the products were fairly made? They pass the test if they were created using eco-friendly material and if the process contains either of these keywords: fair-trade, handmade, organic and locally sourced.

Eco-friendly furniture materials that sustainable interior brands use:

  • Bamboo
  • Wood 
  • Hemp
  • Organic cotton
  • Recyclable materials (C2C certified)

Find a colour pattern for your home decor and stick to it. 

Make sure to choose a colour scheme that is timeless rather than one that is trending. In this way, you can add accents of colours depending on the season and not change your whole interior. Hello sustainability!

Now, with no excuse you have all the information you need to achieve an eco friendly home and invest your time and money wisely in every purchase. There are many sustainable interior brands you can choose from, but at the same time you have the alternatives we suggested, thrift shopping and DIY which are more affordable options.

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