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Cosy Candles for Cosy Nights In

Cosy Candles for Cosy Nights In


As the weather starts to cool and rain starts to pour more frequently, I usually turn to my favourite cosy candle scents to warm up and create a cosy vibe in my apartment. I'm sure I'm not the only one!

What better way to welcome in the autumn winter season than with a blanket, a hot brew, a warm candle and some good old fashioned rubbish tv!

When looking for cosy candles, I tend to look for a few main things. 

 Cosy candle for winter autumn


1. Scent

Does it smell like autumn / fall? Is it wintery. To different people, this will mean different things but for me, winter smells like warm cosy spices. Candles that use scents like cinnamon, star anise, cedarwood etc are my go tos for this season! As it gets colder and into full winter, my cosy candle choices tend to include pine, cypress and soft jasmine. It's like a warming breath of fresh air.

2. Essential Oils

Wellness is a huge part of the holiday season and self-care truly matters now more than ever. Candles made of paraffin and infused with fragrance oils aren't going to do anything for you. This autumn / winter, for the best truly cosy candles, I'd really recommend going for a natural soy, coconut or rapeseed wax that's infused with 100% essential oils. Not only do they smell amazing, but with the aromatherapy properties of essential oils, they can also help make you feel amazing too.

3. Wood Wicks

Sitting by a fireplace and watching and listening as it crackles is the cosiest of winter activities. Cosy candles with wooden wicks really help you achieve this vibe without having to get your logs out. Lighting a candle with a wood wick will add to the atmosphere of your home this winter and help you feel your warmest and cosiest. The faint light crackling in the background adds a unique dimension to your sensory experiences.

4. Aesthetic

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is true for candles too. In autumn winter, I tend to focus specifically on candles with amber apothecary style jars, or jars with a brown hue. There's something about earthy vibes that makes me feel very warm.