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What is earth day - Restore our earth theme

Guide to Earth Day

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is a day for people around the world to come together to consider what we can do in order to protect our planet. We only get one Planet Earth. Let's treat her well. 

Environmental Issues - Earth Day

When is Earth Day?

Thursday, 22nd April 2021

2021 Earth Day Theme

This year's theme for earth day is Restore Our Earth. It's no longer about mitigation, I'm interpreting this as the year of renewal. How do we renew afresh following the devastating impact of Covid19 coupled with how we've been mistreating our earth to this date. 

Restore Our Earth - Earth Day

How can we do our bit for Earth Day?

Earth day is an opportunity to think more consciously about our purchases. Hopefully we've already stopped buying single use plastics and started shopping more sustainably with sustainable swaps. Earth day is all about thinking about what we can do more. For us, we've taken the first steps with our candles, and will be using this opportunity for conversation to consider what else we can do to further support this important cause.

What should you look for in sustainable candles?

We're the biggest fans of products designed to be used more than once. Our dual use candles are the epitome of this. Candles that glow then grow. Designed to provide self care and then be upcycled into bee friendly flowers. Good for us and good for the planet.

Products good for the planet - Eco Conscious Dual Use Candles

Aside from the ingredients, we also need to ensure that where we're putting our pounds support our environment. Even down to packaging. In 2021, there is no excuse for packaging that isn't recyclable or made out of recyclable material. The accessibility of eco-conscious packaging has risen massively since 2019 and as one of our climate conscious activities, we're only shopping from other brands who care about this too. 

Let's be mindful and celebrate Earth Day not just on 22nd April, but make conscious decisions to support it every damn day.