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Selfmade Candle - One Box Recycling Packaging

One Box Recycling Packaging

At Selfmade, being eco-conscious is in our blood. We strongly believe that there is always a responsible way to do something.

Our candles are reusable and sustainably made but our product packaging is environmentally friendly too. How? The secret lies in our ‘ONE BOX RECYCLING POLICY’

Consider a world where there is no more faff with sorting different parts of a package you’ve received into different boxes. Amazing isn't it? Well, we give you that experience!

In our bid to make recycling as easy as possible, when you receive your Selfmade package, all you have to do is: 

  • Take the candle(s) out of its packaging 
  • Then pop everything it arrived in into your paper recycling box 

SUPER SIMPLE, SUPER EASY - Recycling that’s easy on you and the environment!

Why is recycling important?

We’ve all been taught about recycling from our school days. We kind of know what it means but sometimes fail to understand why it’s SO IMPORTANT.

We’re no experts in this field but through all our research, we can confidently say that recycling is fabulous for the planet!

Why is recycling important? - How you help fight against climate change when you recycle

If you’re questioning the link between recycling and fighting climate change then here's the breakdown; when you recycle, less energy will be required to manufacture products using those recyclable raw materials. Since fewer raw materials will be burnt, carbon emissions are saved and less waste is sent to landfills.

What does all this mean? Well, a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Bureau of International Recycling - Recycling can help reduce CO2 emissions
This is why we’re so dedicated to making recycling easy. It's all about doing our bit and helping you do yours too!