Rosemary Candle

A fresh rosemary candle is like walking through a field at daybreak. A light amber glow scented with the start of a brand new day.

Although best known as a delightful herb to season food with, Rosemary holds many wellbeing properties as an essential oil

What are the benefits of rosemary

  • Rosemary can help boost the immune system and improve blood circulation.
  • Rosemary can help improve memory performance, quality and improve focus
  • The aroma of rosemary has been linked to improving mood, and relieving stress amongst people with chronic anxiety
  • Rosemary is often used for digestion problems

Why Rosemary Candles

Rosemary is a classic fragrance that people often like. As it's linked to well seasoned food, it's a fragrance a lot of people are used to. Adding that to the wellbeing properties and memories rosemary evokes makes it an excellent wellness candle.