Conscious Consumerism

  • Eco-friendly Housewarming Gifts

    Marketing Team

    Moving home is an exciting yet stressful time for many. So how do you find the perfect eco-friendly gift for your loved ones and buy them something that they’ll actually use and enjoy? Sustainability matters now more than ever for us as consumers. It impacts every aspect of our lives from fashion...
  • A conscious consumer guide to an eco friendly home

    Andria Chrysostomou

    Living in an eco friendly home is important to conscious consumers. Sustainable home decor is of growing importance as the world shifts to a greener way of living. Quite often, when we think of being a responsible consumer the first thing that comes to mind is either food or clothing. Lately, th...
  • Top Favourite Conscious Consumer Brands and Why

    Seerat Singh

    Let’s talk about some of our top favourite conscious consumer brands in the UK!Keep Cup Most of us are in a horrible habit of getting our daily fix of tea or coffee in conventional single-use cups. It’s time to move on to stylish reusable coffee cups like those sold by KeepCup. This Australian...