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Chai Candle - Ultimate Guide - Selfmade Candle

Ultimate Chai Candle | A Guide

When it gets to Autumn, Chai, Pumpkin and Ginger are my go to scents. Nothing beats a trip to my local coffee spot to ask the Barista to whip up something warm and soothing. I practically have an alarm set up for when Starbucks / Pret bring back their Pumpkin Spice syrup. Ready, set, go.

If you’re looking for that seasonal scent without having to drink it, there’s another way to get your fix! The Chai Candle. This is the ultimate guide to your Chai Candle - how to make a chai candle, what ingredients you should be looking out for and where to find the best Chai Candles. We’ve got you covered.

What Scents are in Chai?

Chai is a highly aromatic blend of Black Tea, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves and Nutmeg. For a spicier scent of Chai, you can also add some Ginger.

How do you make Chai Candles?

The simplest way is to use a Chai Candle Making Kit. For just £30 you can have the full experience of making a 40hr burn Chai Candle. The kit has everything you need to infuse your favourite chai scent into a clean burning candle. Bonus points, the candle is vegan too.

You can watch how to use the Candle Making Kit to make your very own Chai Candle here

Can you put tea in a Candle?

Wet tea, absolutely not. Dried tea leaves - sure. We’d recommend mixing your dried tea leaves with your fragrance oil  or essential oil prior to blending into the wax. One thing to remember however is that any physical addition to a candle (aside from wax and oil) will have an impact on your wick. In candle land, we call that “Clogging up a wick”. Please be mindful of this by using extra small leaves. If you wick does get clogged and your candle becomes difficult to burn, we’d recommend sizing up your wick.

Can you put spices in a Candle?

You can put spiced essential oils in candles. Spices like Cinnamon, Cardamon and Nutmeg are extracted into pure essential oils which are excellent for candle making. Please be mindful of how much you use. If making your own, we’d recommend that Cinnamon and Nutmeg essential oils are never more than 5% of your essential oil blend. 

For the utmost safety when putting spices in a candle, we’d recommend using one of our already made and safety tested blends for candles.

How do you make a Spiced Chai Candle?

The easiest way to make a Spiced Chai Candle is to ensure your Chai essential or fragrance oil includes the spices Cinnamon, Cardamon and ideally ginger. All of which, you can get inside our Chai Spice Candle Making Kit

Choosing a Chai Candle

If the effort behind making your own Chai Candle seems too much, it can be easier to buy an already made candle. There are lots of Chai Candle options available in the market but we’d be a miss if we didn’t recommend you our favourite; the best Chai Candle