What to look for in your Scented Candle Making Kit

With the revival of DIY Candle Making Kits and making things in general at home, it’s no surprise that more and more people are on the hunt for awesome Scented Candle Making Kits. Whether you’re looking to make a specific type of candle or simply want a gift that keeps on giving, scented candle making kits provide you with everything you need to make your own candles.

Here’s our guide for what to look for when choosing your next Scented Candle Making Kit.

Makers at the ready…

Does it use Natural Wax?

It’s a matter of preference, but more and more people are looking for scented candles made from natural wax. Gone are the days of Paraffin as Queen, people who are a lot more conscious about their health as well as what they put into their homes are after a more eco-friendly option natural wax. Your scented candle making kit, if natural, will likely be either Soy, Coconut or Rapeseed. 

Soy wax is often a favourite for scented candle making kits and a wax I would highly recommend!

Wood vs Cotton Wicks?

This is a matter of preference, cotton wicks are the most typically seen on the market. Super affordable from a costing perspective but don’t provide as much to the uniqueness of your candle. If you’re looking for a slower burning and warming feel to your candle making kits, wood wicks are fantastic for that. They usually also have a slight crackling effect which is great if you’re using your candles for ambience in your home.

Does it use Essential Oils or Fragrance oils?

Essential oils are the foundation of a great wellness candle. From the aromatherapy benefits, to the clean burning nature of essential oils, they are our go to for scented candle making. The scents are all natural and oftentimes cold pressed from nature itself. No chemicals, just clean scents. 

Fragrance oils are the synthetic counterparts. (Wo)man made and also strong smelling. Due to the synthetic nature, they tend to be a lot cheaper and will be found in more cost conscious candle making kits. However, I would say when looking for the best scented candle making kit, don’t skimp on the materials! The wellness properties of essential oils and their powerful scents will leave you feeling your best self!

When looking for the best scented candle making kit, ensure it has everything you need for the ultimate natural candle that’s easy for anyone from a beginner to advanced candle maker to use.

Shop natural wax, wood wick candle making kits with 100% essential oils.