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Your Guide To Zero Waste Candles

Your Guide To Zero Waste Candles

Say No to waste and hello to reusing and recycling. Natural Candles are the most likely to be zero waste.  Natural candles are made from organic materials like soy, coconut, rapeseed or beeswax. Zero waste candles also come in reusable containers. Whether it’s for your make up brush or a new home for a self-grown plant, reusable candle containers are zero waste. 

Are Candles Bad for the Environment?

The simple answer is that some candles are bad for the environment and some aren't’. Ultimately the level of impact on the environment depends on what ingredients go into the candle, where they were sourced from, how the candle is made, and finally how the candle is disposed of. Most often, candles made from paraffin wax and artificial fragrance containing phthalate are bad for the environment.

What Kind of Candles are Good for the Environment?

Vegan candles tend to be the best candles for the environment and are usually made from soy wax and scented with essential oils. Here are simple ways to tell if your candle is vegan.

Is Candle Wax Recyclable?

The good thing about candle wax is that it is recyclable. Not in the traditional green box recycling way, but when heated, candle wax can be melted down, remixed and then repoured into another vessel. During the first outbreak of CVid, that’s how i first got into the fun of making candles, by melting down the “remaining” bits of wax once i’d finished burning a candle and then repurposing all those bits with a brand new wick into a brand new candle. This is a simple way to not waste candle wax.

However, 3 years later, now knowing all I know, I wouldn’t recommend mixing lots of different brands / scents of candles. You change the chemical formulation so i’d only recommend this approach if you have lots of the same candle + scent left over. 

Where can I Recycle Candles?

A lot of stores, don’t provide a service to recycle old candle bits into new ones, so the best thing to do is to recycle your leftover candles yourself at home. Think of it as a fun interactive activity that you can do that also helps the planet. 


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