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Selfmade Candle - One Box Recycling Packaging

One Box Recycling Packaging

At Selfmade, being eco-conscious is in our blood. We strongly believe that there is always a responsible way to do something. Our candles are reusable and sustainably made but our product packaging is environmentally friendly too. How? The secret lies in our ‘ONE BOX RECYCLING POLICY’ Consider a...
Brexit Impact on Small Businesses

Brexit Impact on Small Businesses

You're probably here because you've heard me mention how Brexit is negatively impacting small businesses. I'm sharing my story because I don't think we're talking about this enough. There are serious issues happening right now with Small Businesses in the UK post Brexit, and i'm highlighting just...
International Womens Day 2021: What we at Selfmade Candle have learnt from some strong women in the industry

What we have learnt from some strong women in the industry

Patricia Bright - Social media sensation and founder of The Break Platform Challenge your self perception According to research, men are more likely to apply for a job regardless of whether they're qualified or not. Women, on the other hand, wait until they are qualified (and sometimes overq...
How to Choose a Candle Refill

How to Choose a Candle Refill

So you’ve decided to not throw away your candle jar and instead refill it? Yasss, love to see it. There are two types of Candle Refills you’ll need to choose between. Solid block candle refills  Solid block refills are often jar-less versions of candles that you may have previously bought. They o...