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Candle Refill

Ultimate Guide to Candle Refill

What do you do when a candle runs out of wax?   We’ve all been there, beautiful jars filled with the most gorgeous scented candles. A few days/weeks later, when the candle is done, we have a choice. Throw it out or recycle it. Now we have another choice, refill it.  How to refill a candle Don’t...
For the gals - galentines gift images

Galentine's Day Gifts

  When is Galentine's? It's February 13th, 2021 Time to grab your ride-or-die WHAT IS GALENTINE'S? Galentine's day is for you and your baes to share the baemance love that you have for one another. Getting together both in person or virtually to talk about your favourite things, drink your favou...
5 Ways to support independent businesses on Black Friday

5 Ways to support independent businesses on Black Friday

Ways to support Independent Brands and Businesses this Black Friday 1. Buy whether they're full price or discounted - All support is good supportMost small businesses can’t afford large discounts because of their margins. But you know what, your custom keeps them going! Say no to Jeff Bezos this ...
Scented Candle Making Kit

What to look for in your Scented Candle Making Kit

With the revival of DIY Candle Making Kits and making things in general at home, it’s no surprise that more and more people are on the hunt for awesome Scented Candle Making Kits. Whether you’re looking to make a specific type of candle or simply want a gift that keeps on giving, scented candle m...
Rosemary Candle | UK

Rosemary Candle

A fresh rosemary candle is like walking through a field at daybreak. A light amber glow scented with the start of a brand new day.
Soy Wax vs Beeswax

Soy Wax vs Beeswax

When deciding which candle wax to buy for a container candle, one of the questions I often get asked is "Should i use Soy Wax or Beeswax". Well you're at the right place for the 411 on how to choose between the two. Let me start by saying that at Selfmade Candle we use Soy Wax.  Soy candles are ...