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5 things to look for when buying bulk candles for your gift shop Christmas 2021

5 things to look for when buying bulk candles for your gift shop Christmas 2022

A guide for gift shop owners. Let’s be honest, sustainability is really important when choosing which products to wholesale and sell in your gift shop. Consumers are becoming more conscious about the purchases they make and the effect they have on the environment. Something you need to consider when bulk buying your candles this Christmas.

Why candles for your gift shop

At Christmas time, with the weather cold and the need to be cosy high, candles are a popular choice for consumers. Not just for themselves but also as gifts for their friends and loved ones. We’ve seen over the past year, over 100% increase in the sale of candles for some brands. Especially when looking at candles with more environmentally friendly credentials.

Why sustainable candles?

Conscious consumerism is on the rise, and not just in fashion. Everything from conscious consumerism in food, to home decor. When stocking your gift shop, choosing home fragrance products backed by an eco conscious framework and mindset will help appeal to those consumers. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and support sustainable brands. It’s time to find sustainable wholesale candle suppliers.

Here are the things you need to look out for when buying candles in bulk for your sustainable gift shop

  • Candles with high quality vegan ingredients - Soy Wax

A lot of candles use paraffin wax, an inexpensive option which derives from petroleum (a crude oil) as a by-product of the gasoline making process. Whilst it is technically vegan, it most definitely isn’t environmentally friendly. Not only is crude oil a non-renewable resource but it has also been the cause of a number of environmental disasters, damaging natural habitats and contributing to climate change. Simply put, the consequences are reflected in its cost, and we most definitely don't want to be buying paraffin wax candles in bulk!

Here at Selfmade candle we only ever use 100% natural Soy Wax, a biodegradable and renewable resource which comes from vegetables (soy beans). Not only is this better for the environment, but it also has many great benefits for your candles too. Soy candles burn slower, last longer and have none of the soot and toxins associated with paraffin wax. With a cleaner burn our candles provide your customers with a luxurious scent throwing experience worth buying in bulk.

  • Candles with high quality scent experiences - Essential Oils

Many candles use fragrance oils to scent their wax. At Selfmade Candle we only use Essential, which are made from pressing or steaming different parts of a plant, such as bark, fruits or flowers. These oils can also be used as part of aromatherapy as a treatment to improve psychological and physiological well being. Our scented candles don’t just smell amazing, they make you feel amazing too.

Our Breezy candle for example is a beautiful mix of lavender and vanilla essential oils. Lavender is widely known for its relaxation properties, ability to reduce anxiety and promote a calm night's sleep. Vanilla essential oil on the other hand is a powerful antioxidant with numerous health benefits including the alleviation of PMS symptoms like bloating and fatigue. 

  • Candle brands with eco friendly practices

The ingredients are obviously important, but what about the brand's practices? Firstly let's start with the fact that all our candles available for bulk purchase are hand poured by actual humans in the UK. Sourcing your candles locally does not only support local businesses, but helps your footprint too by reducing the travel miles it takes to get your scented candles to you and customers.

We won’t try to impress you with our surface level sustainability because we believe in the details, right down to the packaging. Like our labels made from recycled paper, printed with vegan ink and infused with poppy seeds. Our repurposable amber Candle Jars can be used as a plant pot to grow the seeded poppy seeds. Sustainability is a key focus and attraction for eco conscious customers.  

  • Candle brands giving back to Charities 

Supporting businesses which give back to charities is another way to show your customers that you care about your community. At Selfmade Candle, we’re driven by purpose and donate a portion of our profits to Black Minds Matter UK - a charity that supports black people in gaining access to culturally knowledgeable therapists.

  • Candle brands with unique value propositions

Customers are always looking for something different, something unique to give. Choose a wholesale candle supplier with a twist. We’re all about reusing and repurposing which is why we’ve designed our candles with a glow then grow ethos in mind. Our labels are infused with wildflower and poppy seeds, which can be planted in the repurposable amber jars when the candle has finished. So not only are your customers able to give the gift of aromatherapy, they also get a cute house plant to grow afterwards. People are absolutely wild about our wildflower and poppy seeded labels. See for yourself and share the happiness with your customers this Christmas.

If you’re interested in stocking sustainable eco conscious candles from a mission driven brand then get in touch at Leave your name, store name and we’ll get back to you.