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Candle Making Masterclasses in London

Candle Making Classes in London

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Candle Making Workshops London Location: Selfmade Candle, 56 Middlesex Street, London, E7 7EZ

Our Candle Making Class in London is an enjoyable team experience, possibly an unusual team building activity you hadn't considered before – but it's definitely one for the books. A candle making workshop is a great option for those searching for team building activities in London.

In the past with work with brands like Lululemon who agreed our candle making masterclass made for an incredibly fun group activity. You'll create your own professional work of art, admiring your very first Selfmade artisan candle.


A review by Lululemon: "Had such a great time making my candle. Definitely would suggest doing this with friends .. It was fun!


Structure of a Candle Making Masterclass 

The candle making class will run for 45 minutes to 1 hour. All attendees can choose between essential oils from the Spiced Girls collection. These include Chai spice, Pumpkin Spice, and Ginger Spice.

Each attendee receive their own candle making kit with everything they need to make their aromatherapy scented candles. Attendees will be guided step-by-step throughout their candle making experience, learning how the scents were created, the link between scents and memories and the best way to blend wax and essential oils.

Each kit also includes our popular seed infused labels. By the end of your candle making experience, not only do you get sent home your own (literally) Selfmade Candle, you also get your own future poppy plant. Exciting, right? Your candle will be left to set before being posted to you within 24-48 hours, where you can continue the sensory experience at home, taking in the therapeutic benefits of your chosen essential oil.
Candle Masterclass Host - Selfmade Candle

Candle making classes will be hosted by Selfmade Candle founder, Ricki; Artisan candle maker. Traveling from location to location as a global marketing manager, one item Ricki always kept in her bag was her favourite scented candle.

When the pandemic hit, however, Ricki was unable to source some of her favourite candles. With natural wax, divine wooden wicks and a reusable jar, Ricki did what any maker would do; she made her own candles. Now Ricki wants to spread her passion and love for the art of candle making with you.

Why Selfmade Candle

Selfmade candle is the stylish eco conscious candle brand you’ve been waiting for. Driven by sustainability and a mission to Get Lit, Responsibly, we’re all about supporting our community through wellness. We only ever use eco conscious vegan ingredients, like soy wax and wooden wicks in our candles. Scented with natural essential oils, our candles are designed to bring you the best possible scent experience. All our candles include plantable labels, so you can recycle and reuse your amber jar to grow a poppy plant once your candle has finished.

Our candle making classes are specifically aimed at corporate teams based in london. They’re a brilliant way to build and strengthen team relationships whilst exploring the relaxation properties of scent. But most importantly, they’re a great opportunity to just have some fun. For teams based outside of London, we also offer a virtual candle making class.

A review by Astrid and Miyu: A big thank you to Ricki for working with me on this surprise for the team. a Selfmade candle workshop was the best way to treat the team and wind down after a hugely successful cyber week.


To book private candle making workshops for a family, group of friends or team activity, please email the following to


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