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Candle Refill

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Never throw another candle vessel out again! 

Your eco friendly candle refill kit. Re-use and recycle your favourite jars with our Scented Candle Refills. Choose from a range of scents with floral, fruity, wood, oriental and fresh notes.

Kits include:

  • Soy wax
  • Aromatherapy essential oils
  • Wood wick
  • Wood wick clips and sticker
  • Instructions card with images

Measured to pour up to 160g of candle.

That's right, this is the candle refill kit you've been waiting for. 

Soon to be available with a handmade forever vessel. Sustainable, but make it fashion.


Prep your forever vessel by cleaning out any remaining wax and wick. A handy "how to clean your candle jar" guide is included in this kit.

Once clean, place your wood wick into the clip, stick the clip onto one side of the sticker. Use the other side of the sticker to attach the wick and clip to the center of the inside of your forever vessel.

Melt your soy candle refill kit wax down to a liquid. You can do this bain marie style on the stove or in short low heat bursts in the microwave.

Pour in all of the essential oils and gently stir until completely mixed.  

Once mixed, pour your refill into your forever vessel

Leave to cure for at least 24hrs and enjoy

Get lit, responsibly!


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