SOY CANDLE MAKING KIT - Homemade Candles (for 1)

  • £25.00

Enjoy the candle making experience with a home soy candle making kit.

Why Selfmade Candle Kits?

1. ECO-FRIENDLY - Our candle making kits only use natural soy wax and essential oils

2. WOOD WICKS - Our candle making kits only use wood wicks. Wood wicks tend to burn longer and at times create a soothing crackling sound

3. DELIGHTFUL SCENT EXPERIENCE - As well as the printed instruction card, you'll also receive a digitial candle making video to join me, Ricki, making your soy scented candle

4. LOCALLY PRODUCED - Our candle making kits are put together by hand in London UK.

5. CHOOSE YOUR SCENT - Choose between Fruity, Floral and Fresh Scents


  • Step by Step guide for making candles at home
  • 1 Amber 180ml Jar
  • 1 Amber Jar Lid
  • 1 wood wick
  • 1 wood wick sustainer
  • 130g Natural Soy Wax
  • 10g Essential Oil (choose your scent option)
  • 1 stickums to secure your wick/sustainer inside the candle glass

*Please note this is a home kit for personal use and not suitable for re-sale.