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5 ways to Shop Black Friday More Sustainably as a Conscious Consumer

5 ways to shop Black Friday Sustainably

As a day that succeeds based on impulse buying and a desire for more goods, Black Friday has notably been linked to unsustainable buying habits and overconsumption. So is it possible to shop it sustainably? We’d like to think so. 

Here are are top 5 ways to Shop Black Friday Sustainably

1. Shop Second Hand

    Your local charity is open on Friday 24th November. Looking to get your shopping dopamine hit? Why not hit up your local Crisis (which we’re always impressed by their range) or other alternative high street charity shop. If you’re feeling boujie and looking for a little treat, you can also try ByRotation for your Office Christmas Party outfit or snap up a few good bargains on Depop / Vinted. 

    2. Save what you want to buy now in a wishlist


    One of the drawbacks of Black Friday is the impulsive nature of purchases. We’re huge champions of a “Black Friday” Pinterest Board. In this board we’ve accumulated all the big business items we need to get but can wait for. For example, did you know that i lost my earbuds about 2 weeks ago. Inside our Black Friday Pinterest Board is my replacement set, waiting to be picked up and checked out once it hits Friday 24th for 20% off.

    3. Shop from ethical and cruelty free brands


      We’re not anti-big business here. Big up Patagonia, KeepCup and Lush. There are plenty of large businesses who have a solid ethos, trading practice and care about their people and customers. A lot of these businesses are also open on Black Friday. 

      4. Shop from small businesses


      Your local small business will not have the margins for big discounts but size doesn’t matter. Support your local independent this Black Friday with a purchase. Chances are their sales are being hit as a lot of people move across to shopping discounted products at large businesses. Vote with your wallet and show your favourite small businesses some support. 

      5. Tuesday is the new Friday. Support Giving Tuesday


      Did you know this year’s Giving Tuesday is Tuesday 28th November. Giving Tuesday is a day of giving around the world. Some businesses will be donating products or portions of their profits on this day to causes they care about. For us at Selfmade, we’ll be doubling our donations to Black Minds Matter UK. Try holding off spending your Christmas present budget on Black Friday Deals and spend it on supporting notable causes on Giving Tuesday instead.

      Hopefully these tips have helped you consider your spending habits for this Black Friday. As always, stay lit x