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Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil in Candles - Selfmade Candle Geranium Soy Wax Candle Collection

Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil in Candles

“Geranium Scent Description - A soft but potent scent. Think earthy and slightly peppery”

The name of this wonderful flower is strong just like the scent it produces.

Known to be popular in fragrances and cosmetics for many years, Geranium essential oil is now getting more attention in aromatherapy.

Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil in Candles - What are the benefits of Geranium Essential Oils?

What is geranium essential oil good for? 

  • Geranium can reduce stress
  • Geranium repels bugs naturally
  • Geranium produces a constant pleasant aroma
  • Geranium can improve mental wellbeing

So, what are the benefits of geranium in candles?
Geranium essential oil blends well with other essential oils and produces a long-lasting aroma. Thanks to this, making and experimenting with geranium candles is an absolute delight!

Geranium candles can also promote balance thanks to their versatile benefits.

We’re all about this multi-purpose scent.

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