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The Benefits of Patchouli Candles - Selfmade Candle Patchouli Soy Wax Candle Collection

The Benefits of Patchouli Candles

“Patchouli Scent Description - Sweet, woody and musky”

Though the bold and earthy scent of Patchouli is what gives it popularity, the plant also has other impressive characteristics.

Patchouli has been most popular for its health benefits as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal. The essential oil is now commonly also used in aromatherapy.

The Benefits of Patchouli Candles - What are the benefits of Patchouli Essential Oils?

Patchouli essential oil benefits

  • Patchouli can be an instant mood-booster
  • Patchouli calms your nervous system enabling you a better night’s sleep
  • Patchouli helps you stay mindful
  • Patchouli can make you feel better if you’re under the weather

So, what does burning patchouli candles do? 
Patchouli scented candles have a strong sweet smell and can help to calm your nerves after an incredibly stressful day. 

Perfect for those long days that turn into a well-deserved bath in the evening. Light up a patchouli scented candle to relax and soothe stresses. 

Patchouli candles - your new favourite pick me up!

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