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How to Choose a Candle Refill

How to Choose a Candle Refill

So you’ve decided to not throw away your candle jar and instead refill it? Yasss, love to see it. There are two types of Candle Refills you’ll need to choose between.

Solid block candle refills 

Solid block refills are often jar-less versions of candles that you may have previously bought. They often come as a single unit designed to be slotted into an existing jar. Oftentimes you shouldn’t burn these outside of the jar as they use a specific style of wax called Container Wax.

Solid block candle refills use a container wax; a softened wax that keeps it’s shape right up until it’s melted. Once the wick is lit, it melts into a full pool and needs the jar it’s in in order to keep all of that gorgeous liquid scented wax inside. 

A key benefit of a solid block candle refill is that it’s a super simple solution. You can order it, have it delivered and then slot it directly into your jar.

However, the major drawback of this candle refill is that it’s super specific to the jar. If your current candle jar doesn’t have a refill option, it’s really unlikely that you’ll be able to find a refill that perfectly matches. They’re a little bit like one trick ponies, but where the ponies smell like delightful treats.

Melt at home candle refills

Melt at home candle refills are the universal solution. This is the Home-poured candle refill kit where you receive all the elements to make your candle without the jar. Your wax, essential oils, and wick - all delivered. In some instances, the wax and oils come pre-blended so you can literally just melt and pour your candle refill.

Designed to be poured into any shape and size vessel, you can select a fragrance of your choice and pour it directly into the vessel of choice. No more “does it fit” style conversions. 

The key benefit of this candle refill kit is that you can use any appropriate vessel to make a candle, from strong glass open vases, to sealed clay pots, to former candle jars. Our recommendation is vessels that are similar in diameter at the top and at the bottom to create a smooth burning experience.

Either way, both options are more eco-conscious solutions to enjoying candles at home. My personal recommendation? Melt at home. 

I’ve got my eye on a former plant pot that doesn’t know it’s about to become a lavender and chamomile candle….