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Candle Refill

Ultimate Guide to Candle Refill

What do you do when a candle runs out of wax?


We’ve all been there, beautiful jars filled with the most gorgeous scented candles. A few days/weeks later, when the candle is done, we have a choice. Throw it out or recycle it. Now we have another choice, refill it. 

How to refill a candle

Don’t throw away your candle containers, it’s super simple to refill them. Step 1 is cleaning your candle jar and removing any remaining wax. I like to use the Melt it, Pour it, Wipe it cleaning method. After cleaning it, prep it with a new wick sticker, wick clip and a perfectly sized wick for your vessel. Then refill with a freshly poured mix of soy wax and essential oils. Your favourite scents can be carefully curated when choosing your ideal candle refill subscription service

What jars make the best candle refill jars

We are huge fans of forever vessels. Whether it’s an amber jar, clear glass jar or ceramic vessel - each has their own benefits and drawbacks. You want to look for a strong vessel that has been sealed against liquids and isn’t porous. Strong glass, sealed Jesmonite or fired clay are our usual go tos. 

How to refill candle jars

There are two types of refills. You either go for the solid block refill or the melt and pour refill.  There are pros and cons to both candle refill options but ultimately the option you choose will depend on the vessel you want to refill.

How to renew your candles

Renewing your candles can be as simple as refilling your vessels with the same scent as before. However, for those who like to experience new things, candles are truly reinvented with a new fragrance. A fragrance either in the same family as one you’ve experienced before, or one in a complimentary fragrance family

How to choose the right fragrance for your candle refill kits

Scents are one of the most powerful emotive things for us. Bringing back memories at the slightest whiff in the air. Choosing the right fragrance for your candle refill can be as simple as choosing whether you like Floral, Fruity, Oriental or Woody scents. Or it can be as curated as choosing your specific notes. Does lavender remind you of a local garden? Does grass remind you of playing outside as a child? Each of these notes can play a part in telling your candle refill story. You can use our Scent Quiz in order to find your Scent preferences and choose a subscription which will regularly allow the exploration of new notes, which elicit old and new memories.

Benefits of a candle refill service

Why choose to refill when you can buy new? It’s simple, it’s good for you and good for the planet. Not only do you get to keep your boujie and favourite candle vessels, but you also get to save some cash on not having to buy a new jar. Your wallet thanks you and so does the environment.

Convinced that the refill revolution is for you? Head across to our Candle Club Refill Subscription. It’s time to give your vessels a new lease of life.