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5 sustainable steps for an eco friendly christmas - selfmade candle

5 Sustainable Steps you can take for an eco friendly Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when a lot of us want to splurge and send gifts to one another but how do we make it more sustainable? Gifting my friends and family is always a huge joy for me, and being able to do so in a way that’s both good for them and good for the planet is important to me. As a time for loved ones to come together and celebrate, let’s talk about how to do so in a more eco- friendly way.

Christmas, Lit, but also responsible.

Why enjoying Christmas sustainably is eco-friendly Approaching the festive holiday season from a sustainable perspective is important when looking at the lasting impression Christmas has on all the family and our surroundings. Think about how many Christmas trees are thrown out each year, decorations only used ones and the copious amounts of waste the friendly bin men wheel away after Boxing Day. There’s a way to still enjoy Christmas and all the trimmings, whilst keeping it environmentally friendly.

Here are 5 sustainable steps you can take for a more eco-friendly Christmas including Christmas Gifts, trees, crackers and decorations.

Let’s enjoy the festive magic.

Shop for Gifts Locally

Think of all that mileage you can save by shopping for your products handmade in the UK. Not only does the limited travel help the environment, it also helps to support a local independent business. It’s a win win.

Wrapping but make it recyclable

It’s time to switch to fabric wrapping. What’s better than recycling, re-using? Have you heard of Furoshiki - a traditional Japanese method of using cloth to wrap up and transport gifts? Why not try it this Christmas for a more eco-friendly reusable wrapping solution.

Japanese Fabric Wrapping 

Eco friendly Christmas Crackers

What happens to all those plastic toys that are never used? Or lost on the dining room floor from an overzealous Christmas Cracker pop? Forgo the excess waste and go eco-friendly with your Christmas cracker this year. I’m pretty sure Housebeautiful has some amazing make your own Christmas Crackers to try.

Eco friendly Christmas Tree

If you’re choosing to buy a tree, go with one FSC certified. FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council and they are a non-profit organisation that promoted responsible forestry. FSC certified Christmas trees are just that, sourced responsibly. If you’re not a buyer, try renting your Christmas tree this year. The government estimates that cut trees in the UK generate around 16,000 tonnes of waste every Christmas. Why not try a local tree rental? Pick up your tree and drop it back after Christmas ends. No trees were harmed in the making of this suggestion.

Gift an experience

Physical gifts come and go. Memories last a lifetime. How about this Christmas, you gift something like a Sustainable Candle Making Experience. Not only does your loved one get to experience your gift whilst making the candle, but they also get to enjoy your gift a few days later once it’s ready to be lit.

Sustainable Christmas - Pumpkin Spice Candle

Christmas, sustainable, eco-friendly and all lit up.