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Virtual Candle Making Masterclass - Selfmade Candle

Virtual Candle Making Masterclass

Looking for something different to do this Christmas for your team activity?  A virtual candle making workshop is a great option for remote teams to come together and practice self care. 

In the past we’ve worked with brands like Lululemon to put together Candle Making Experiences for between 10 and 30 people. Attendees will learn about the art and science of candle making whilst trying their hand at making their own Selfmade Candle.

Our Virtual Candle Making Masterclasses is a great option if you’re looking for team events which are fun, relaxing, and accessible. An optimal choice for socially distanced events this Christmas. Our Online Candle Making workshop covers everything you need to know about making candles at home.

A review by Yomi from Lululemon: Zoom just got lit all the way up! we're making pumpkin spice scented candles.

Structure of a Virtual Candle Making Masterclass

Our Virtual Candle Making Workshop will take place through video conferencing, and will run from 45 minutes to an hour. All participants will receive their very own Candle Making Kit sent straight to their door, with everything needed to make their first homemade candle.

Participants will have their choice between scents, choosing their essential oil from our limited edition Spiced Girls collection. These include Pumpkin Spice, Chai Spice, and Ginger Spice. Our Virtual Candle Making workshop will cover everything you need to know to get started making candles at home. Including the benefits of wooden wicks, the best ways to blend essential oils into wax, and the creation of scents. A complete guide on making candles at home. 

After letting your candles set for 24-48 hours you will be able to light your candle, taking in the therapeutic benefits of the chosen essential oils. 

Why Selfmade Candle

At Selfmade we’re all about getting lit, responsibly. We only ever use the highest quality, eco conscious ingredients to support our community. Made with soy wax and scented with natural essential oils, our candles are vegan friendly and designed to bring you the best possible scent experience. 

All our candles also Glow, then Grow. Your team will each receive a seeded label to wrap around their jar. Once the candle has finished burning, its amber jar can be repurposed as a plant pot to grow their label. Growing your labels into your very own Selfmade and Selfgrown Poppy plant.

Booking your Candle Making Masterclass

Our Virtual Candle Making  Masterclasses are aimed at teams in the UK. They’re a brilliant way to build engagement and strengthen relationships across the team. Help the team wind down at home this festive season with a Selfmade Candle Making Workshop. 

For teams based within London, we also offer Candle Making Masterclasses in London hosted within our studio. 

Book your workshop, join from anywhere, and press play on our Spotify Selfmade sounds playlist to get the creative vibes going. 

A review from Astrid and Miyu: oh my so many Christmas feels right now thanks so much too at @selfmadecandleco and @Astrid and miyu for the Christmas candle making class. The most gorgeous smelling candles.

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